About Me

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-li-20318/

Email: anna@korionhealth.com

Hello! I am an MD-PhD student with a passion for using technology to increase access to and quality of healthcare and empower patients. I have over ten years of experience in cystic fibrosis research, which I was inspired to go into by one of my best friends from high school, and my PhD work focuses on weaponizing custom-engineered bacteriophages to treat antibiotic resistant infections, with the ultimate goal of translation into clinic.

As an engineer by training with experiences as both a patient and patient advocate, I am also very passionate about using ethically designed technology to increase efficiency and patient empowerment in the medical system. This passion led me to found Korion Health Inc. in my second year of medical school; we design medical devices that empower patients to understand their own healthcare from the convenience of their homes, and aim to remove many of the barriers to healthcare.

In my spare time, I also care for stray cats, and my golden retriever and I regularly visit the hospital as a therapy dog team. I am also a part-time actress, science fiction writer, conductor of the Pitt Med Musical Scope and Scalpel, and freelance composer.